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It was decided in the General Body meeting of ISPRD on November 5, 2007 at IIPR, Kanpur that local chapters of the Society should be established . Accordingly, NWPZ Chapter of ISPRD was established in 2008 with its headquarters at PAU, Ludhiana. Dr. J.S. Sandhu (Incharge Pulses), Dr. Guriqbal Singh (Sr. Agronomist) and Dr. (Mrs.) Livinder Kaur (Pulse pathologist) of PAU, Ludhiana were elected as the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Local Chapter, respectively.

Present Office bearers of the NWPZ Chapter, Ludhiana (2012-14)

  • President: Dr. R.K. Yadav, DSW, CCSHAU, Hisar 
  • Secretary: Dr. (Mrs.) Jagmeet Kaur, Incharge, Pulse Section, PAU, Ludhiana
  • Treasurer: Dr. (Mrs.) Veena Khanna, Sr. Microbiologist, PAU, Ludhiana


The ISPRD Executive defined following activities for the Local Chapters:

  • Organization of scientific events such as seminar, satellite symposium, scientific meet, etc.
  • Organization of special lectures by eminent scientists
  • Honouring pulse scientists for their special attainments
  • Promotion of the cause of ISPRD

Initial grant for establishment of Local Chapters

The Chapter may start with initial special grant of Rs. 20000=00 by the Society. The Local Chapter will collect membership fee from new members of the society. However, it will retain only 25% of the fee, and the remaining 75% will be deposited to the Society’s main account (ISPRD, Kanpur). The special grant will be released only after constitution of the Executive Committee and opening of a separate account in the name of ISPRD Local Chapter.

Executive Committee of the Local Chapter

The Local Chapter will function with a duly constituted Executive Committee. President, Secretary and Treasurer will be office bearers of the Chapter. The tenure of the office bearers will be three years

ISPRD Chapters

On 27th August 2015, a decision was taken for the establishment of South Zone chapter of ISPRD at Bengaluru. The following members of ISPRD were selected as office bearers of Executive committee

  • Dr. KP  Viswanatha             President
  • Dr. M  Byregowda               Secretary
  • Dr. HK  Ramappa                Treasurer

The following objectives of ISPRD, South Zone chapter were adopted at the meeting:

  • Organization of scientific events such as seminars, symposium, scientific meets etc.,
  • Organization of special lectures by eminent scientists
  • Honouring pulse scientists for their attainments
  • Promotion of cause of ISPRD